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Although we are no longer an official distributor we still carry some parts and will do our best to support our customers with these products.

Projector TRI-SD-700-0064
Replacement Projector for Mad Wave

Epson Projector Lamp TRI-MT-S4
Canon Projector Lamp TRI-MT-5210
ViewSonic Projector Lamp TRI-MT-PJ502
Projection Lamps for Mad Wave.

ViewSonic Projector Board
Canon Projector Board
Epson Projector Board
Projection Boards for Mad Wave.

Actuator Control Board TRI-SD-150-0024 
Actuator Control Board (opto).

Adjustable Foot TRI-MT-FOOT
Adjustable foot for Mad Wave.

Numbered Pushbutton TRI-SD-150-0030
Numbered pushbutton.

Decal TRI-SD-650-0004

Decal for back of seat on Mad Wave Motion.

Audio Amp TRI-WAMP
Audio Amp for Wasteland Racers

Force Feedback PCB TRI-WFBACK
Force Feedback PCB for Wasteland Racers

Rubber Skirt TRI-MT-SKIRT
1.2m Rubber Skirt for Motion Theatre.

Dot Matrix Rolling Display TRI-SD-550-0002

Dot Matrix Rolling Display for Mad Wave.

Remote Control TRI-MT-REMOTE
Remote Control for Dot Matrix screen.
More Than Meets The Eye
The site shows a cross section of the products we have for sale.  It is by no means an exhaustive list.  If you do not find what you are looking for here, please do let me know.  The Chances are we already have it, or can easily get it for you.
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