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Click here for Alberici Tester and Serial Programming Interface



You can now program all your older coin mechs yourself! No more worries about machine down time, as we bring you a programmer which can program ALL older ME's, MS's (mars), Coin/money controls, NRI's, and Mars Cashflow coin mechanisms!

DIY Coin Mech

Our NEW Programmers enable service personnel to
re-calibrate a wide range of over 50 models of coin mechanisms to accept new coinsets. Connected to a PC or laptop it is highly portable, easy to use and low cost.

Designed for use by unskilled personnel on site or in the workshop, it programmes coin mechanisms in minutes to put you in full control of your changeover. No more reprogramming mech charges!
*Portable for field or workshop use.
*Factory standard programming.
*Simple and quick to use "Windows" based programme.
*Low cost.
*Programme one or thousands
The New '3'

The New 3 Programmer (All coin mechanisms)

Limited (credit based)

Programs all ME, MS, NRI, Money/Coin control and Cashflow mechanisms. Mechs include:-
Mars - ME111, ME115, ME115TS, ME126, ME129, MS111B1, MS111, MS125, MS126, MS127, MS110, MS1000, MS1600, MS1900, ME1099, MS1400, MS130B1, MS180, ME181, ME112, MS150, MS15, MS16, MS25, MS140, MS160, MS10, MS13, MS12 - Money/Coin Control - C120, C220, C220A, Sentinel, C220B, C335, C335S, C435, C435A, C420, C450, C455 - NRI - G13-0000 Acceptor, G13-1000 Acceptor, G13-6000 Acceptor, G13-7000 Acceptor, G13-0000 Totaliser, G13-1000 Totaliser, G13-6000 Totaliser, G13-7000 Totaliser, G10-4000, G10-4000/2, G10-4000/5, G10-4000/6, G10-4000/9, G26 (G10-4000 validator), G26 (G10-4000/5 validator), G18-0000, G18-3000, G40-various, Cashflow - CF115, CF126, CF129, CF330, CF340, CF560.


Alberici Tester and Serial Programming Interface

Test Kit & Interface for Alberici
New Model: Now combined the new Alberici tester includes serial interface and selector jumper to program Alberici standard and CCTALK mechanisms.

Interface assembly RS232
RS232 interface assembly for real time, bi-directional, communications to the Alberici coin validators.

Coin mech stand.
Coin Mech stand can be used with 3.5" bottom and side reject coin validators from Alberici, NRI, Azkoyen and Money Controls.
CCTalk to USB Interface. 
Standard USB connector to connect PC architecture to CCTalk devices.  Coin Validators, Hopper and Note Validators.
Can also be used to program and test AL55 and AL55 coin selectors.
More Than Meets The Eye
The site shows a cross section of the products we have for sale.  It is by no means an exhaustive list.  If you do not find what you are looking for here, please do let me know.  The Chances are we already have it, or can easily get it for you.
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