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fluorescent tubes

421-T546-CW Flu Tube T5 4 watt 6" Cool White.  Box of 25
421-T569-CW Flu Tube T5 6 watt 9" Cool White.  Box of 25
421-T5812-CW Flu Tube T5 8 watt 12" Cool White.  Box of 25
421-T1321-CW Flu Tube T5 13 watt 21" Cool White.  Box of 25
421-T81518-CW Flu Tube T5 15 watt 18" Cool White.  Box of 25
421-T81824-CW Flu Tube T5 18 watt 24" Cool White.  Box of 25
421-T83648-CW Flu Tube T5 36 watt 48" Cool White.  Box of 25
421-T85860-CW Flu Tube T5 58 watt 60" Cool White.  Box of 25

Many other sizes available!

424-06275-0 Link Light Electronic fitting 6 watt, 275 x 15 x 36
424-08400-0 Link Light Electronic fitting 8 watt, 400 x 15 x 36
424-16530-0 Link Light Electronic fitting 16 watt, 530 x 15 x 36
424-20630-0 Link Light Electronic fitting 20 watt, 630 x 15 x 36
424-30815-0 Link Light Electronic fitting 30 watt, 815 x 15 x 36

 Supplied with power cable and linking cable to connect another fitting.


light tray with ballast

Light Tray 280mm 428-1811L-51
Light Tray 363mm 428-1811L-52 
Light Tray 18 watt Single LPF 280 mm
Light Tray 18 watt Single LPF 363 mm

electro magnetic ballast

Ballast single 13 watt 427-13M-0 
Ballast single 16 watt 427-16M-0
Ballast single 36 watt 427-36M-0

Magnetic Ballasts for fluorescent lamps.

electronic ballast

Electronic Ballast single 13 watt 427-13E-0
Electronic Ballast single 15 watt 427-15E-0 

Compact, lightweight, high frequency electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps.


More Than Meets The Eye
The site shows a cross section of the products we have for sale.  It is by no means an exhaustive list.  If you do not find what you are looking for here, please do let me know.  The Chances are we already have it, or can easily get it for you.
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