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Cash Craze

Cash Craze MPU                                     BSR-017-0
Micro Processing Unit for Cash Craze

40mm Acuator                                        BSR-024-0
Actuator for Cash Craze 40mm stroke

Turntable Motor                                       BSR-027-0 
Turntable Motor for Cash Craze

Actuator Rod Lift Bracket                     BSR-030-0
Actuator Rod Lift Bracket for Cash Craze

Actuator Rod Lift Bracket Clamp         BSR-031-0 
Actuator Rod Lift Bracket Clamp for  Cash Craze

Blower view cover                                 BSR-041-0
Blower view cover for Cash Craze

Perspex Marquee Window Curved     BSR-042-0
Marquee Window Artwork Vinyl        BSR-028-0
Marquee window and artwork for     Cash Craze

LED Dot Matrix Display                         BSR-MATRIX-0 
LED Dot Matrix Display for Cash Craze

Transmitter Array                                  BSR-TARRAY-0
Receiver Array                                           BSR-RARRAY-0
Transmitter and Receiver Array for    Cash Craze
More Than Meets The Eye
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